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Agudas can be your home

Watch our Board members, staff, and congregants share how Agudas can be your home.

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Watch How Agudas Can Be Your Home

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Heintz Preschool:

Creating Creative Curiosity

Looking for early childhood education? Look no further than Heintz! Open to all infants through Pre-Kindergarten.

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Inda Posner Religious School

Check out the Inda Posner Religious School and see our version of Jewish education.

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Join us in supporting Operation Swords of Iron, a crucial fundraiser aimed at providing vital aid and assistance to those affected by recent events in Israel. Your contribution to this noble cause can make a significant difference and bring hope to those in need. Together, let’s stand in solidarity with the people of Israel during challenging times.

To contribute, please click the link below and make a meaningful impact through Operation Swords of Iron. Your support is greatly appreciated, and together, we can help those affected by recent events in Israel rebuild and heal. Thank you for joining us in making a positive difference in their lives.

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