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Social Action

Tikkun Olam at CAA

Striving to connect to organizations in the greater San Antonio community and beyond in
order to help elevate their work and make a difference. Our mission is to help enhance holy
work in our synagogue, our community, and our world.

Olam (A World)

Participate in programs and activities addressing global and national issues such as the refugee
crisis and climate change.
-Zoom programs focusing on solar energy, other alternative energy sources, water
conservation, biodiversity
-Advocacy of science and medical advances to create a healthier world

Hesed (Of Kindness)

Work together with our neighbors to develop bonds that lead to a more just and compassionate
-Monthly San Antonio Food Bank volunteer sessions
-”Undies for Kids” packing projects to help refugee and underprivileged children
-Diaper drives for Afghan refugee community through Center for Refugee Services
-Interfaith engagement activities

Yiboneh (We Shall Build)

Take action through volunteer work and donations to address challenges such as food
insecurity and create a more just society.
-High Holiday synagogue food drive for San Antonio Food Bank
-Pop-up food distribution at synagogue parking lot with interfaith involvement
-Planting and mulching in city parks